Veggie Mask inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

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I am fascinated by the sixteen-century Italian painter, Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  (Here’s a great link with more info about him –  Arcimboldo’s portraits of faces composed of animals, fish, fruit and vegetables have inspired me, both in mask-making and home decorating.  I made the mask below from artificial fruits and vegetables.  It is reminiscent of the bust in Arcimboldo’s painting titled, “Summer,” which is part of his four seasons series, all of which I have framed in my kitchen (also shown here).

Veggie Mask

Arcimboldo Prints in Kitchen


Two down, three to go…Carnival Jester Mask

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Here is a photo of the Jester Mask I just finished today.  A little spooky maybe, but it reminds me of an old, leather carnival mask. 

Carnival Jester Mask

One down, four to go…Bird-like Creatures

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Here are photos of the finished Bird-like Creatures!  As I mentioned in a previous post, these were inspired by the Figments Fairy Tale my brother wrote for me. 

Bird-like Creature

Bird-like Creatures

Works In Progress

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As a New Year’s resolution, I’ve dusted off 5 pieces that I shelved in my studio some time ago.  Here are photos of what they look like today.  I will finish each one of these in the coming months and share photos of their progress. 

 Mad Hatter~ As a big “Alice in Wonderland” fan, I started this Mad Hatter a couple of years ago.  I loved sculpting and painting his face and will finish his body soon.  He will be holding a tea pot in his right hand, pouring tea into a cup and saucer in his left hand. With the upcoming release of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” on March 5, 2010 I thought it the perfect time to get this piece finished. (Approx 26”) 

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter


Two Tall, Bird-like Creatures~ These two characters are inspired by the wonderful Figments Studio Fairy Tale my brother wrote for me, which appears on my website and in my catalog.  Incorporating a bird’s beak into these faces was challenging and fun.  I haven’t decided exactly how they will be painted, but I’m drawn to the colors of peacock feathers.  Stay tuned!   (Approx 13” and 11”) 

Bird-like Creatures

Bird-like Creatures


Jester Mask~ Because I like sculpting faces so much, masks are very intriguing to me and I really had fun with this one!  If you look closely, you can see that I applied the clay to resemble old, ratty pieces of leather, haphazardly stitched together, like an old, carnival mask might be.  (See the close up of mask forehead below).  It also makes me think of the Frankenstein monster…skin and body parts sewn together. I will add a bit of hair and a vintage-looking jester hat soon. (Approx 12”) 

Jester Mask

Jester Mask


March Hare Mask~ Another “Alice in Wonderland” inspired piece, this rabbit mask needs ears, whiskers and possibly a collar.  His first pair of ears didn’t look right to me, so I broke them off and will start again.  Paper clay is so versatile!   (Approx 14”) 

March Hare Mask


“After the Kiss”~ This is the oldest, unfinished piece I have in my studio.  I always thought it would be neat to capture the frog’s transformation right after the princess’ kiss.  The ‘magic’ is swirling, rising up around him.  The lower half of his body has already transformed into a handsome prince, while the upper half is a freaked-out frog!   (Approx 11”) 

After The Kiss

Fun Wedding Idea

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A Facebook fan, Chelsea, today suggested she might want a Frog Prince Gift Set for her wedding which has the theme “Frog Prince.”  What a fun wedding idea!  I was just playing around with using a Frog Prince Penholder as a place card holder for a wedding reception place setting.  Here’s a snapshot of the idea.

There is more Frog Prince stuff I’ve designed at my website