Enchanting handcrafted journals for collecting your thoughts, memories hopes and dreams.  By Jill Marie Crvich.  www.FigmentsStudio.com


One Response to “About”

  1. Christine Van Patter Says:

    First of all, I would like to compliment you on creating a very true vintage looking item. I love your journals & especially your complimentary boxes. I have been wanting to find a connection or any hints on replicating the vintage celluloid photoalbums. I am amazed that no one has started a business in this area as I believe that creating these gorgeous & colorful covers would be well received. I don’t know if re-creating celluloid covers is possible anymore. However, the on item i would love to find is a source for either learning to create or buy the words ‘PHOTO, ALBUM or PHOTO ALBUM’ in the vintage style, made from either celluloid or metal. There are many people reproducing metal embelishments, such as the corners for vntg pics & often used on photo albums. However, i cannot find a source for words. Have you by any chance run across anything like this or have any ideas on finding such an item? I would greatly appreciate any help in this area as this is my dream to reproduce vintage style photo albums, acid free of course. Thank you for keeping the vintage look alive! Best regards, Christine

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