A Fairy Tale in the Making…

Edmund Dulac is another artist who has inspired a lot of my work.  One of my favorite Dulac paintings is “The Princess and the Pea,” which appears in “Stories from Hans Andersen.”  The rich colors, textures and patterns are eye candy!  For a recent craft show, I designed a booth display, inspired by this beautiful painting.  I had a blast making the table skirt out of ripped Dupioni silk strips and ribbons…all done with a glue gun and duct tape! See the photos below.  The “Once upon a Time” scroll you see behind the table has the “A Figments Fairy Tale” printed on it.  You can read that fairy tale on my website.  In addition to my array of blank writing journals and desk accessories, I like to display small antique collectibles… glass and ceramic inkwells, spectacles, trinket boxes, letter holders, old books, etc…little treasures I find at my favorite antique shops.  If you look closely, you can see these on display in the photo. 

Edmund Dulac’s “The Princess and the Pea”

Dulac Inspired Figments Studio Booth Design

For more info there is a good article and additional links about Dulac at Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmund_Dulac

An ebook version of “Stories from Hans Andersen,” which includes “The Princess and the Pea,” is available for free at http://www.gutenberg.org/files/17860/17860-h/17860-h.htm


2 Responses to “A Fairy Tale in the Making…”

  1. joan kaltenbach Says:

    Jill, Ireceived my package today for my grand-daughter’s birthday gift..the Once Upon a Time gift set..it is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes and I am sending it to her tomorrow (2 weeks early) as I cannot wait for her to see it..thanks again..I’ll let you know what she says..it was beyond by wildest expectations..thanks again .Joanie

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